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SEBOIO offers its clients high level strategic advice in the broader area of health policy: determining ideal patient pathways, organising stakeholder consensus, analysing current and ideal environments, setting up data dashboards to track progress. 

We have written numerous policy and position papers, organised multistakeholder roundtable meetings, health economic papers, gap analyses. Our areas of expertise are primarily in cancer, but not limited to it. Next to initiatives on digestive cancers, breast and lung cancer, we have worked on projects on global health, back-to-work strategies, papers on the major healthcare trends of the next ten years, on the value of medicines and many more. 

Clients are to be found among all healthcare stakeholders. We have worked for governments, foundations, patient organisations, healthcare companies, industry associations and cancer NGOs. We strongly believe in generating insights from all stakeholders and finding optimal solutions through collaborative efforts. 

We are active at European level. Projects were conducted in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark. and internationally.  

Our approach is flexible. For large projects, we set up high quality teams with freelance specialists in the required disease area or area of expertise. Together, we form a one-stop shop for our clients. 

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