What we do

SEBOIO offers its clients high level strategic expertise in gaining control over their external environment, and even in taking a leadership position, resulting in measurable business outcomes, a better reputation and improved employee engagement. 


Based on rigorous processes and with a strong track record, we develop agenda-setting programmes to occupy unique reputational territory among your stakeholders. 


Using a whole range of public affairs, thought leadership and communication techniques, we can help you turn your vision into reality, and work from your company’s strengths to create a unique trust platform. 



As a Brussels-based consultancy, SEBOIO offers strategic advice globally, and even as a small independent agency, we can offer full service campaigns, thanks to a network of carefully selected specialists and agencies in various communication disciplines and countries. 

The name

SEBOIO : a new word which describes the feeling a person has when things in the outside world suddenly start moving in the desired direction; a cluster feeling of relief, excitement and joy when all elements start nicely falling into place​

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