Policy Papers

We have written dozens of policy papers over the year, and we will make this into one of our special services. The first one publised is "The Power of Partnerships: A European Pharmaceutical Perspective on Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals". 

This is one of the topics that has haunted the pharmaceutical industry for decades, primarily because of a lack of understanding of the expectations of society a that time. Today, the picture is completely different, and unfortunately perceptions still lag behind a new reality. Major successes have been achieved, even if challenges remain. 

I have had the pleasure to live in Morocco for two years, to launch large donation programmes in Cameroon, to have set up stakeholder meetings in South Africa and Tanzania, to have set up meetings and congresses in India and China. There is only one way forward, and that's through constructive dialogue. 

I hope the attached document will open some eyes and increase the power to collaborate. Sure, it offers a pharmaceutical perspective on things, but everybody has to act together. 

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