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What we do


What we do


What we do


Sounding Board


Sounding Board

What we do

Sounding Board

Workshops & Training 

Create a vision of where you want to go

First we try to clearly define, together with the leadership team, where your organisation wants to go. We create a mobilising vision of an ideal business context, based on the current and anticipated challenges, and the competitive environment. Working from the company's strengths, we determine what leadership position the company should aspire. 


  • Vision statement & leadership position

  • Describing the ideal environment for business success (Blue Sky Scenario)

  • Identifying changes in society and future impact (Horizon Scanning)

  • Determining key strengths and opportunities for competitive advantage and business results

  • Occupying reputational territory by setting up internal and external processes, projects and unique signature programmes

A clear strategy and campaign plan will get you there

Once you know where to go and what to achieve, we develop a strategy of how to get there. We identify what the stakeholder landscape looks like, what the pressure points are in the system, and how to move from the current to the desired state. Then we go into action mode. 


  • Communication strategy and plan

  • Stakeholder engagement & ally-building

  • Alignment of goals 

  • Outreach programme to influencers and decision-makers

  • Integrated campaign of media relations, publications, digital communications and meetings

Building a solid and lasting reputation

Building a reputation can only be done if all departments work in the same direction, and when the expectations of all stakeholders are addressed. 


  • Customised reputation analysis

  • Identification of the main drivers of reputation 

  • Determining company programmes to gain reputation ground

  • Implementation of the plan

  • Reputation value assessment

While at the same time protecting your assets

The road may be full of obstacles and hurdles, both externally and internally. We assess vulnerabilities and potential issues, set up action plans and implement them. 


  • Issues management campaigns

  • Vulnerability assessment & issues tracking

Building a competent Communication & Public Affairs department

It is not always obvious to organise public affairs and communication departments. Based on our experience with assisting international companies, and having managed a regional team, we can help companies with their organisational design and competency analysis. 


  • Public Affairs & Communications organisation

  • Organisational design

  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Competency Framework

  • Agency briefings and selection

In need of a second opinion?

Most companies and organisations have their plans already well established, yet would like to have some expert insights on their approach. We can assist with only a few hours every month, listening and providing feedback. 


  • Discuss company communication issues and plans

  • CEO coaching

Improving insights and skills

We organise workshops on the various aspects of communications & public affairs, both for specialists and non-specialists, ranging from one-hour presentation to full-day workshops


  • For communicators

  • For non-communicators


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